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Plot applications are typically accepted after the official end of the season in mid November with plot assignments being made in late February of the following spring.

To apply for a plot or to volunteer, please contact us for more information:

Marci Peebles, Director  mpeebles@FranciscanMinistriesInc.org

Garden aerial view - August, 2018

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Community gardens

helping to

feed the poor

and elderly


gardens bring neighborhoods together - and provide for

those in need.

Body & Soul: Franciscan garden plots feed faith and community

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Community Garden

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Letter to

the Editor:

Here's a great recipe to

impact communities

Making use of the large green space next to St Clare Convent, Franciscan Ministries offers growing space for community gardeners.
The Garden not only provides individuals a place to cultivate vegetables and flowers, but also gives back to the community through donations of produce.

The Garden is host to over 105 gardeners. Many are recent immigrants and refugees from Bhutan and Nepal.

Gardeners rent space for a nominal fee and work together on community plots that provide produce for donation.

The garden donates an average of 1,000 pounds of produce yearly

to local non-profits.

Cincinnati.com - Enquirer(click image)

In the shadow of a Cincinnati convent,

new American lives are taking root

Editor's note:

This is an edited excerpt from The Long, Hard Road: Part 2, an Enquirer special project on Cincinnati.com.  Full segment available here.