Tamar’s Center is a day center that provides shelter and care for women who suffer from addiction and are being exploited through human sex trafficking. Many of these women are homeless.

We act as a first responder, helping the women with their most urgent needs, ranging from food to security and from housing to medical care.

How You Can Help

Tamar's Center

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Donations are always welcome and appreciated.

Our biggest needs currently include:

* Personal garments:  new underwear (please do not launder), light  

  clothing, stretch pants, plain short sleeve t-shirts

* Food stuffsingle serve food items such as chicken, tuna packs,

  soup cups, mac & cheese cups, noodles (ramen), peanut butter

  crackers, granola bars, and rice crispy treats

* Cleaning supplies:  rubbing alcohol (70% & 91%)

* Laundry supplies:  liquid detergent, bleach

ADDITIONAL ITEMS, including clothing, shoes, linens, small appliances, kitchen wares, small furniture items, and books may be donated to our sister organization The Franciscan Peddler.  Proceeds come directly to Franciscan Ministries to help support our core work.

Donations may be brought to Franciscan Ministries' main offices at the Centennial Barn (110 Compton Road) during regular business hours.  For Peddler donations, we will direct you to their drop box nearby on campus.

 What We Do

The total number of client visits to Tamar’s Center over the past 18 months was 824.

We rely on a small staff and dedicated volunteers to run the center each day. Volunteers, particularly those with a social work or medical background, are always needed.

2142 Hatmaker Street

Cincinnati, 45204


Monday - Friday
8:30am - 2pm

Making a Difference